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 offical rules.

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j o e y

PostSubject: offical rules.   Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:53 pm

Each rule is listed below, along with examples of possible offenses. They are followed by some related questions and answers to help you understand the rule and its effects.

The following guidelines are not all-inclusive and may not address all manner of inappropriate behavior. Please remember that you must always treat others with the same respect and courtesy you would wish to receive. Use common sense when posting. Although it may not be in the rules to not post a virus, it should be common sense not to post it.

RULE 1: Inappropriate behavior/content.

This includes, but is not limited to: Racism, "flaming", posting of pornographic images, assaulting or harassing of other members. This rule may be interpreted at the moderator's discretion.

Additional Notes:

Flaming by definition is the act of purposely trying to assault another member to provoke a response of negativity from that member. That is why the act of it is prohibited.

RULE 2: Password Scamming

Simple enough, self explanatory. You would not want somebody to steal your password from you, so why steal there's? This rule applies mostly to in-game, and can also go for the forums. If you are caught "item scamming", then most likely expect a permanent ban.

RULE 3: Impersonation of a Staff Member

We do not have any "hidden moderators" or "hidden administrators" of any kind. Users who tell you that they are staff and request personnel information will be harshly dealt with.
Impersonation includes having a symbol referring to a Staff Position in your avatar/signature.

How to identify the staff:
• All Forum Administrators have a Golden crown next to their name with an A on it for Administrator.
• All Forum Moderators have a green/silver crown next to their name with an M on it for Moderator.

RULE 4: Asking for Staff Positions

We understand that most members wish to become a part of our staff, and therefore we have set this rule in place because the administrators are busy as it is. They do not need to have additional work piled on them with people asking for staff positions.

If the staff feel you have earned the position, we will approach you and ask if you'd like to be a part of the moderation team.

RULE 5: Advertising/Websites

You may Advertise Homemade Websites, or give a Website link to a member who requested it!

Anything that isn't in the above title is prohibited. Mis-leading links, pornographic sites, etc, are a bannable offense, and the ban usually means a permanent one. If another member is requesting the link to a site for a download, however, and you know it, feel free to give it to them. However, if you trick them with a misleading link, you will be punished, harshly.

Frugoo Scape is also not responsible for the links posted by members. Once outside of Frugoo Scape Website, you are outside of the site's "acceptable use" of site links and site content.

RULE 5: Account Sharing/Trading

You may not share your Forum account with anybody else nor permit anyone else to use your account, and you may not accept a forum account that anybody else offers you. This goes for in-game accounts as well. If somebody is offering their account to you, simply decline. They are most likely doing this to see if they can get you in-trouble for feined "hacking".

RULE 6: Encouraging Others to Break Rules

Examples of encouraging others to break any of the rules include:

● Convincing other players that the rules are different to what they actually are.
● Flaming other players (trying to get a reaction from other players by using offensive language against them.)
● Posting to say that you've broken a rule and got away with it.
● Anything which promotes rule breaking in a positive manner.

RULE 8: Misuse of Official Forums

Misuse of the forum message boards can go as follows:

-Harassment of other members
-Posting sensitive or otherwise, private, information about other members here on the forums that you had no right to post.
-Posting spam
-De-railing topics
-Harrassment of moderators
-Impersonation of staff

Quitting threads
-If you're quitting, you're allowed to leave, but making a thread about it is not. If you really need to say goodbye to people, PM them, instead of making a thread. Not only isn't it allowed, but it's good bait for flaming and a lot of other spam posts. We (the staff) haven't really been able to enforce this that much, but we're going to start enforcing this rule now because it seems that the actual rule has been forgotten about. Generally, quitting threads tend to cause a lot of spam and arguing amongst the posters in the thread, which results in the thread getting locked anyway.

---> The above may be interpreted how the staff see's fit.

What about my freedom of speech?

criptman03 production is a privately operated message board under which the administrators and moderators decide what content may or may not be posted.

This is not discouraging opinion voicing, but it is discouraging the use of foul language or the use of sexual language.

Rule 9: Respect Staff members

A Moderator's decision is final. No if's, and's, or but's. (Respect Moderator's. Simple enough)

They are not idols to make fun of, they run the forum and garner your respect. If you do have a problem with a moderator, take it up with an admin.

You are responsible even if you didn't read the rules.
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offical rules.
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